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CountyOffice.org is a centralized database providing free access to government office websites, contact information, and public records in all 50 states. The comprehensive collection of data includes addresses, contact information, and hours of operation for all government offices in the 3,141 counties and county-equivalents in the United States used for:

About CountyOffice.org

CountyOffice.org originated in 2014 as a resource to help people find accurate contact information for Clerk's Offices. Initially called County-Clerks.com, it was used by genealogists to locate vital records for genealogy research.

The data was found and confirmed by a team of researchers tasked with locating official contact information and services provided by every clerk’s office in the country. The information was then verified by calling government offices directly. As the site evolved, additional government offices vital to public records research were included such as Assessors, Courts, Recorders of Deeds, Treasurers and Tax Collectors. The name of the site was then changed from County-Clerks.com to CountyOffice.org.

CountyOffice.org continues to monitor visitors search activity and expand resources as needed to include additional offices and access to public records. The site is the largest, most accurate and complete resource of government contact information and public records access.

Who Uses County Office

The site is free and available for use by anyone searching for official government information, election results, non-profit organizations, and more. CountyOffice.org is a trusted resource for many different purposes and is frequently used by:

Updates & Corrections

CountyOffice.org works to maintain the site with the most up-to-date information as possible. Researchers regularly check listings and office contact information for changes.

To make a correction please navigate to the page in question and click "Suggest Edit" or "Report Link". County Office also accepts new listing recommendations from visitors via the suggest new listing form. Corrections are verified by calling the office directly prior to updating the site. Visitors who come across an inaccuracy are encouraged to complete this form with updates or difficulties finding information.

100% Free

The data that is found on CountyOffice.org is 100% free and will always be free. Some genealogy and public record search sites provide free segments of information but charge a fee for their “premium content”. This will never be the case at CountyOffice.org. Revenue from advertisers helps pay for the site’s expenses, not its users.


County Office will continue to monitor and update the information on all local government offices in the USA. New contact information is added based on visitors’ needs and there will never be a charge to access it. Please continue to use this site any time that you need to contact government offices or find public records.